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Use our transfer services to convert your photographic negatives, pictures, slides, videotapes and cine films onto DVD.



Kodacolor Film to DVD Services

Simple Order Form & simple per foot Pricing.

We can also collect your film from anywhere in the Wiltshire area.


Kodak photographic and cine film conversion shops used to be an iconic and popular sight on high Streets all around the Uk including Wiltshire. Sadly regional High Street shops are no longer viable in the internet age, but you can still have acecss to a first class mail in service by sending your order in to us. Back in the 1960's most UK customers dropped off films locally, but small shops still mailed in their films to be processed here in Glasgow. We continue this tradition by offering the same high quality services onto newer digital format and always with FREE extra copies of all your cine, photo, slides and videotapes on DVD. Take a few minutes to browse our website so you make informed choices on what we can achieve restoring your cine home movies, slides, photos and camcorder tapes onto DVD. will help you make informed choices on what we can achieve restoring your home move cine films onto DVD. 

Having vast experience with Cine-Film (28 years in fact) has enabled us to invest in full HD digital scanners to give you what we believe to be the highest quality results. We are the only company in Wiltshire using this HD digital film scanning system and guarantee you the best possible results for your Home Movies onto DVD.

Simple Per Foot Prices &
No charge for "Extras"

  • Fully digital transfer by full HD scanner, full frame so no cropping.

  • Repairs carried out free. Bad sections and splices restored. Free Film Cleaning.

  • Free on screen menus with your own worded titles, Free Chapter headings, Free Background Music added to silent films. Free colour correction.

  • Free Mpeg DVD-ROM with every order for you to re-edit or simply keep a digital master copy safely. Also 3 copies of your DVD as standard!

  • Simple Order Form and Pricing we can also collect your films from anywhere in Wiltshire

This was the 50 foot reels after they are developed. These are the most common size of reel.


Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



Wiltshire  Cine Film Transfers to DVD, DVD-ROM, Blu-ray, AVI, QuickTime, CD, CD-ROM etc.

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